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Rise Up owners Jordan & Kimberly Garrison consider themselves connoisseurs of good coffee drinks. They particularly enjoy frequenting locally owned coffee shops in the QC/Sauk Valley area. What started as a nonchalant idea of opening their own coffee shop quickly turned into what we now know as Rise Up Coffee & Ice Cream! Jordan & Kimberly knew they wanted to explore the coffee shop world, but another one of their favorite things had gone missing in their hometown of Erie when the former Pink Pony Restaurant closed earlier in 2022: soft serve ice cream! It then occurred to the Garrisons that they could have the best of both worlds—coffee AND ice cream! 

When it came to starting the paperwork for the new coffee and ice cream shop, Jordan & Kimberly were trying to find a name that would make everything come together. They thought they had a good one picked and then, all of a sudden, Rise Up popped into their heads just when a vendor asked them what they decided they were calling the business! This name is so fitting as it highlights the Garrisons' faith in Jesus while also giving a nod to starting the day with a little caffeine to get you going! Funny how the right things just fall together like that! 

Jordan & Kimberly were both born and raised in Erie and look forward to opening Rise Up in their hometown to offer a service to their community and they take pride in starting a local business. They look forward to serving up a coffee, energizer or ice cream treat to you all! 

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